Conquer The Wall Marathon: 2017 | The year of the Rooster.

My name is Gilda I was born in Stanford California, in the United States, but raised in Mexico City, my family encourage me to practice sports starting with tennis, figure skating, horseback riding, flag football, among others. Until I came to Waterford, Wisconsin in the summer of 2012 that I started running road races, thanks to the Wilma Murphy.

In 2006 on December 31st I crashed on to a car while roller blading on the street downhill, I could not stopped, in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. The Red Cross picked me up and took me to a private sanatorium, which neither had the equipment or human resources to take care of both of my legs. My mom decided to fly in helicopter to Mexico City to the Santa’s Fe ABC Hospital where I had a surgery by Dr. Xavier Camacho an orthopedist.

Things complicated because of all the loss of time I had a lung grease embolism consequently I was induced to comma for eight days. When I woke up I had to learn everything again, to eat, to coordinate sight and motion also I used a Tilt table to stand up to feel my own weight in my legs again, during my stay at the hospital, I lifted weights (remote control, cell phone, silver ware, cups, etc.), While recovering at home I had to work out in bed, roll over, stretch and abs. Then contacted my psychologist Manolo I did all that plus more things on the floor and stationary bicycle that my brother bought for me. The first time that I stood up again I did it before the year, I was in a wheel chair, the doctors forced me to because if I did not the injuries will started to heel and I will have muscular atrophy, also my therapist Alexei from Russia told me to separate the muscles from the bones so every day I worked hard even though I was not in the mood. But it was that or that, I am not a person who liked to be an invalid in a wheel chair by choice. Therefore I learned how to walk again, I forgot it, I was walking doing weird things tip toes and then heels but I did it! I was walking again; of course it was matter of time to improve my steps.

From there I joined to a gym and I stared swimming with Alexei, as soon as I became stronger I did weights and cardio then I hired a gym instructor, I always hated gyms before all this, I just loved competing, feeling the wind, sun, rain whatever instead of being in a closed room, asked me now, I cannot leave it! I still like all the other things too.

I had my life back all together in a few years. I drove my car went by myself to many places got a job, concerts, bath, eat, sleep, my room, traveling, flag football, gym, riding a bicycle, high heels and more. At the beginning I was strong to do those things but not enough to be competitive.

When I worked In Mukwonago someone introduce me to Wilma and she invited me to run a 5K race in her neighborhood in Waterford during summer of 2012 I accepted and I went training once with her team. The race was on July 4 and I won a third place my first race ever and I won an award! Since then I am obsessed with races and I also discovered a way to know many new places, friends and taking care of my health altogether! Thankfully my orthopedist practices marathons too. Even now I have the aluminum prosthesis in both femurs.


I am focusing in The Great Wall because of the cultures, sightseeing’s, races, languages, food, dresses, etc. We share our history in some way. Every time I run I feel freedom and light. It is very important for me to prove people we need each other to success in life, but we need to committed to ourselves too. So running is so much like that everybody has trained and we our trying to finish in the best shape even though we are all running altogether we are by ourselves. You are your biggest competition.

Plus I also want to celebrate my whole recuperation and thank my Mom and my brother by runni. I wish I would inspire people that had had experienced a similar situation in alike conditions, I am aware that not everybody has the resources, the support, the youth, the health, the will, and other things to live in the present and avoid the what if..? And whys…? questions. You have to swallow them up and start from where am I today? Then realize that sometimes even though you want you can’t. I believe if there is any person out there who finds my story alike I will help them by spreading it out. I was doing these accomplishments by myself but now I know that the more we share all our experiences we can create good feedback.


Nací en Stanford Cali. EUA, pero crecí en México en una familia de deportistas desde muy temprana edad practiqué tenis, patinaje artístico, equitación charra y tocho bandera, pero fue hasta que llegué a Waterford, Wisconsin en el verano de 2012 que empecé a correr carreras gracias a Wilma Murphy.

Todo comenzó en el 2006 el 31 de diciembre cuando choqué contra una pickup mientras patinaba en la calle en roller blades en Cuernavaca y perdí el control de bajada. La Cruz Roja me recogió y me llevó a un sanatorio privado pero no había el equipo ni los recursos humanos para atenderme las dos piernas. Mi mamá decidió llevarme en helicóptero al Hospital ABC de Santa Fe donde me operaría quirúrgicamente el ortopedista Dr. Xavier Camacho.

Las cosas se complicaron por la pérdida de tiempo, tuve una embolia grasa pulmonar y estuve en coma inducida por ocho días. Cuando desperté aprendí todo nuevamente en el hospital, a coordinar vista y manos para comer, a sentir el peso mi cuerpo en mis piernas en una tabla de volteo, entre otras cosas. En casa realicé ejercicios en cama, luego en el piso y después en una bici fija que mi hermano me compró.

Estuve de pie antes del año pues los doctores y mi rehabilitador me forzaron porque los músculos se atrofian y se pueden pegar al hueso. Trabajé hasta cuando no tenía ganas era eso o eso, pues no soy alguien que quisiera ser inválida por elección. Aprendí a caminar otra vez lo había olvidado y lo hacía muy raro primero pisaba con las puntas y luego con los talones, que importaba ya estaba caminando.

A partir de ahí me inscribí a un gimnasio empecé la rehabilitación en la alberca, tan pronto me hice fuerte contratamos un instructor de pesas y de ejercicios cardiovasculares. Siempre odié los gimnasios y ahora no los puedo dejar, siempre preferí los deportes de competencia y ahora aprecio los dos.

Recuperé mi vida en pocos años conseguí trabajo, volví a manejar, ir a conciertos, bañarme, comer, dormir en mi recámara, jugar tocho bandera, andar en bicicleta, usar tacones y muchas otras cosas pude hacerlas sola otra vez y ser independiente.

Cuando trabajé en Mukwonago en una escuela Montessori con granja conocí a Wilma Murphy y ella me invitó a correr 5k en su colonia Waterford en el verano de 2012, acepté y fui a entrenar con su equipo una vez. Era m primera carrea y había ganado el tercer lugar el 4 de Julio. Desde entonces me obsesioné con las carreras y ahora Gabirela Romero Árazola me prepara para medios y maratones completos, especialmente para el de la Muralla China.


Como celebración de mi total recuperación y agradecimiento a mi mamá y mi hermano quiero correr mi primer maratón en la Muralla China en mayo de 2014. Así representar a México en China como manifestación de la historia que nos une en nuestras piñatas, caballos, pirotecnia, etc. Cada vez que corro me siento libre y ligera me quiero demostrarle a la gente que necesitamos de los demás para tener éxito en la vida pero antes que nada debemos estar comprometidos con nosotros mismos. Aunque corres y vives en grupo tu preparación es individual. Tú eres tu más grande competencia.


The Great Wall of China Marathon attracts runners from around the world. While we do use Google translator on our site for international visitors, it is far from perfect at translating in the best way that makes sense for everyone. Gilda has volunteered her efforts as our Spanish translator in helping us to launch our Spanish site.