Conquer The Wall Marathon: 2017 | The year of the Rooster.


I have always had a passion for physically demanding activities because it challenges your mind in a way where you CAN do what you think you CAN’T do. I became a fitness instructor at the age of 20, started long-distance running at the age of 25, and then married my husband at the age 26, which was when I stopped continuing my physical activities as of my pregnancy.

Although raising my 3 children took a lot out of me, I still had the motivation to succeed in my passion. I routinely and passionately ran with the Bali Hash House Harriers (BHHH), running trail runs throughout Bali with great and highly active people. I won my first trophy a trail running event in Surabaya, Indonesia, winning my first ever trophy at the age 44, during 2008, placing second place at a 16 km run. The funny thing about my first trophy is that, I actually had no idea I placed second, I never knew I had it in me at the age 44 to be able to win trophies. Since then, I’ve placed first and second in over 10 events around Indonesia and Malaysia, which then inspired me to run marathons.

My first ever marathon was during 22nd of December, 2013, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I did not place in the podium because it was my first ever marathon and I had no experience in running marathons, which then inspired and motivated me to now place at least top 5 in a marathon podium.

Since my first marathon, I have now ran 5 marathons, and will be running around 10 this year. I achieved my goal this year by making the podium on my last marathon during 7th of September 2014, placing 5th in the whole marathon and 1st place for Indonesia, which truly made me feel like a much better person because I achieved what I believed wasn’t possible. In activities like this, I really believe you are your worst enemy, and it is almost completely mind over matter, because you have to go against what your body wants to do, which is why I truly believe that activities like this can bring you forward in life as it brings you so much willpower to keep going no matter how much you are at your limit, and because of this I try to inspire everyone to run marathons.