Conquer The Wall Marathon: 2017 | The year of the Rooster.

Welcome to a venue without equal in the world.


Congratulations on taking what is destined to be one the greatest adventure running experiences in your life!!

The Conquer the Wall Marathon is the longest running international marathon on the Great Wall of China. A locally organized event held annually every May 13th, offering a full selection of runs including a full marathon (42.2k), half marathon (21.1k), 10k, and 5k distances.

There are many marathons around the world that claim to be adventure marathons, yet so few live up to the title. The Conquer the Wall Marathon has no equal, and is an event that separates the tourists from the adventurers. It will test you like no other race. More than 10,000 unrelenting stone steps, and no less than 30km of running experience on one of the oldest and most recognizable structures in the world.

At times you will find yourself in remote, crumbling sections of an ancient landscape where time has stood still – areas that mother nature is beginning to reclaim. From the excitement of the start line to the solitude of an ancient landscape, the Conquer the Wall Marathon will leave you with an experience that will last forever.

Great Wall History

Known to the Chinese as the “Long Wall of Ten Thousand Li”. The Great Wall of China’s formidable defensive structures were built to ward off invasions of the Celestial Empire by barbarians. The course traverses through portions of the Great Wall featuring prestigious pathways on the most picturesque parts of the Great Wall giving marathon runners breath-taking panoramic views and memories that will last a lifetime.

Portions of the Great Wall were initially built from 1368 to 1389 in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and in 1567 and 1570 rebuilding of the Wall was mainly directed by General Qi Jiguang (1528-1588). Poems and tablet writings can be found on the Great Wall left from the time when Qi Jiguang directed the rebuilding of this section of the Great Wall.

The Great Wall Challenge

Some sections of the Great Wall have not been repaired since 1570. Our course is a remote and relatively isolated section of the Great Wall. While a small portion of the Wall on the course has been restored. Much of the wall on the race course is still in its original state and in ruins. You’ll encounter loose stones, gravel, missing steps, and crumbling walls. Trees and grass in some areas on the Wall. Runners must use extreme caution as there are sections of the race course where you must exit the Wall and run on the trail along side the Wall to avoid extreme hazards. Each section of the course will offer different challenges and we suggest you review the course information to be better prepared for the race.

Prepare For An Adventure Marathon

The Great Wall of China Marathon is not your everyday marathon. This is an adventure marathon with a challenging course. Runners should be physically fit and in shape as this marathon can be extremely strenuous. We suggests using the training program to help condition your body to make your race experience unforgettable.

Participating in this prestigious event offers a one of a kind experience creating everlasting memories to share with your friends, family, and loved ones. This event does sell out, book your reservation for The Great Wall of China Marathon today!

Thank You

Organizing a marathon event on the Great Wall of China is a huge undertaking that is accomplished with the help of our staff and volunteers. It is with great honour and appreciation that we thank the Great Wall authorities, local government, local communities, and all our volunteers, without whose support, this race would not be possible.

Run where few have ventured. Follow in the footsteps of the Ming Dynasty. Their destiny will become yours. Run in the breathtaking splendor of the majestic sunrise and create your own journey through time.



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